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Dental Disposables

We are happy to announce that we now offer a line of disposable Crosstex products. Crosstex is a trusted well known brand worldwide. They have been manufacturing top quality products for the healthcare industry since 1953. Their products provide superior protection for both patients and healthcare providers. Their earloop face masks, sterilization packaging, patient towels/bibs and plastic cups are all proudly made in the USA.

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Advantage Combo-Tip Evacuatos
Advantage Cotton Rolls
Advantage Cups 5oz
Advantage Earloop Face Masks
Advantage Non-Woven Sponges 2x2
Advantage Non-Woven Sponges 4x4
Advantage Plus Patient Towels
Advantage Pouches 2.75
Advantage Pouches 3.5
Advantage Pouches 3.5
Advantage Pouches 5.25
Advantage Saliva Ejectors
Advantage Tray Covers
Harmony Face Masks
Proback Patient Towels
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